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WWE 13 Review

Featuring The Attitude Era, WWE 13 promises you will get to live the revolution.

Culture it is what pro wrestling has always been about it, its been the culture that surrounds it, the television stars, sports icons & even stars that transcended into music. Pro wrestling games has always been a huge part of the wrestling culture. Whether it was the early Super Nintendo Royal Rumble & Raw games , arcade classics like Wrestlefest & Wrestlemania The Arcade Game or the more hardcore series such as The AKI & Smackdown brand of games,  you cannot have wrestling events without a game to go along with it.

The developers behind WWE 13 has a great lineage dating back to 1995 with their debut wrestling title Toukon Retsuden, a Japanese wrestling title that was prominently featured on the original Playstation console. In the year 2000 we saw the debut of a new brand of pro wrestling games by WWE called Smackdown. Smackdown at first was releasing the same year as AKI’s brand of games such as Wrestlemania 2000 & No Mercy. No Mercy being  AKi’s final WWE game, along with final wrestling game to my memory. It was now up to Yuke’s to carry the torch that AKI ran with for so long, they previously did WCW games as well.

So now some 12 years later we have our 13th core Yukes game, not counting the Wrestlemania series from the GameCube. The thing that has stayed the most tried & true over the series, is that whether you are a novice or someone who loves to turn the computer on hard, you will have a good experience with the game. Speaking of the game play, the game play in WWE 13 is largely reminiscence of WWE 12. Thats not a bad thing in my opinion, that’s a good thing, to quote a certain WCW / WWE legend so to speak.

The controls that were revamped for the first time in many years in WWE 12, return with A being grapple, B being whip , X being Strike & Y being special moves(Finishers,Signatures & Objectives.) I personally was not a fan of the right stick grappling system, because it just did not feel like the wrestling games, that I grew up on, I thought it really added nothing to the game play, aside from a few odd interactive moves but there is a Left stick for that after all as is seen in Undertakers old school move.

Like I said earlier about Yukes wrestling games in the past, this is a game that you pick it up, you can mash a few buttons, pull of some maneuvers & have a good time. It also is a game, that if you talk to some people, read online or dig deeper into the manual who is available in the options menu, a very welcome feature,(save the trees), WWE 13 can be quite a deep experience.

Some new game play elements that have been added to this years game feature such as “OMG” moments, these are basically different instances you can pull off that recreate classic moments such as barricade breaks, Superplex off the top rope to the outside, table finishers & when using two heavyweights you can implode the ring ala Brock Lesnar & Big Show. Catching finishers have also been included, while these are not OMG moments these are something to their own, recreating infamous spots like Orton’s legendary midair RKO’s on Christian, Shawn Michaels springboard Superkick & The Undertakers catching tombstone he did to Shawn Michaels at one of the greatest matches of all time at Wrestlemania 25.

I remember a few years back, one of the WWE games were this is your moment, it might have taken a few years to include some of these crazy moments in WWE history, but the inclusion of those such things, makes it WWE 13’s moment no doubt. In my opinion the gameplay in WWE 13, is about as good as its every going to get, the reversals have been fine tuned, so you see when you missed it, the reversal window for both regular & special moves is just perfect.

One of my favorite part about having matches in WWE 13 is the new leverage pins, you can perform one when your opponent is groggy by hitting the right stick up or down, you will see pins like small packages, jacknife covers, rollups & bridge pins. These can be countered into leverage pins of your own which cam gp back and forth, just one of the little touches that makes you feel like you are having a real WWE match.

Last year I stayed away from the online largely, do to the timing in the reversal system was for me in most matches was completely different. I am happy to say that, its a seamless transition from single player to online, even in MULTI MAN matches. To say this makes me very happy, is an understatement.

There has been a lot of strides made in this years title as far as online goes, Yukes took a page out of Treyarch’s book, they included bots online, so you & another friend or two, can now replace missing slots in a 6 man or 4 man with computer AI, I was tried it & it works pretty good. Also you can now use created Arena’s online, when doing so, no issues was noticed online. There is some issues however with XP, not applying to profiles after ranked games, but I am sure that will be fixed, personally doesn’t matter to most, as most play games mainly with their friends over online.

I really would loved to see the King of the Ring, WWE Universe or even a basic online league system. I have been clamoring for this in years past, while we do not get those things, the improvements & additions to the online experience is a great start & foundation to those things I would love to see.

The online Royal Rumble returns once again, I played one online royal rumble & it worked with no glitches like have been an issue in years past. A big issue with last years game, was the servers would have to go through about 5 loading screens & during those 5 loading screens you could lose your connection. Also it would take forever to download created content, the determination of the WWE Games crew & WWE Games Universe , is visible to getting the online servers where they are today. It was you guys as a community, that scratched, pushed, & clawed and said that, the servers the way they were when WWE 12 shipped, was unacceptable, where WWE 13 online sits is proof of that.

As per tradition of past Yukes wrestling games, every year we get a modification of some game modes and a few additions. Inferno Match in this years game is much improved, as you now see  the rigging that is around the ring that the flames shoot out of , instead of dragging your opponent to the ropes you now have to ground then and roll them to the ropes, which is followed by a mini game much like the royal rumble. Also improved is the backstage brawls, now instead of Irish Whips, you now throw people around, while the area’s are largely the same, there is certain hotspots that have multiple attacks such as the circuit breaker box.

One mode that was a surprise to see was The King of the Ring mode, as we have not seen a King of the Ring tournament, since 2010 when Sheamus won the tournament. Now we get a full bracket, with a coronation at the end and everything. In the past we have seen this mode, but it made its return in full glory, now it makes me want to see a King of the Ring on WWE TV again to elevate a new star, I wish this mode was online, but its a fun addition to the huge list of modes.

Also added was special referee mode, which features one player acting as a referee, there is a meter where if you get it full you can DQ people, if you attacks the players in the ring, John Lauranaitis will come out & replace the special ref with Charles Robinson. A mode that I was big fan of in the early years of Smackdown games, was the I Quit match, this mode returns with great timing, to coincide with the Attitude Era Roster & Mode. This mode you have to beat down your opponent, when you feel its time for them to say I Quit, you grapple their head or you put on a submission, the referee will ask them & they will be able to counter with pin kickout style mini game.

Speaking of the Attitude Era, WWE 13 has one of the most comprehensive rosters in history, giving us not only 50 current day superstars, but a roster of over 40 Attitude Era wrestlers to chose from, in the end there is over 100 WWE superstars to choose from giving the wrestling fan, the largest roster in WWE Games history. I can tell you that every single guy on the roster has been given the love & care of almost everyone, there is over 300 new moves & a ton of reanimated moves as well.

Entrances have been updated, such as one of my favorites Kofi Kingston, also there is more title entrances then ever as well.  While the superstars are great, what is a WWE experience without legendary arenas in WWE history & present day. There is over 12 current day WWE arena’s & two Attitude Era Wrestlemania arena’s, along with iconic arena’s like Halftime Heat, the Smackdown oval arena & more.

The creation suite is one of the most detailed & in depth of any game whether its Madden, Halo or NBA 2K series. The list of things you can customize include

Customize A Championship
The 30 plus championships in WWE 13 can be used as a template, with ability to customize the color of the championship piece & the strap of the championship as well.

Create a Superstar
Create a Superstar is back as one of the most popular modes in WWE Games in the past. Added is something called hit damage, where you can select what parts of the Superstar is the weakest & strongest. Some things I noticed that popped out that may or may not have been in past games
- Jeff Hardy facepaint
- Jig Saw Mask
- Super Dragon Mask
- Jason Mask
- Kamala Mask
- MVP Attire
- Vader
- Goldust
- Jeff Hardy Underarmour
- Tights designs many of popular Superstars tights you can use on any trunks in the game.
- redesigned naming system featuring WWE.Com layout
- different brand for both exhibition & universe

Create an Entrance
Create an Entrance is very much the same as previous years, but they have added  some special theme songs for stables of past, plus more pyrotechnics selections & more title entrances.

Here is the list of preset entrances.

01. Hulk Hogan
02. Jimmy Snuka
03. Mr. Perfect
04. Dusty Rhodes
05. Junkyard Dog
06. Jake Roberts
07. Terry Funk
08. Mick Foley
09. Ricky Steamboat
10. Lex Luger
11. Ultimate Warrior
12. Randy Savage
13. Arn Anderson

01. Kurt Angle
02. King Booker
03. Chris Masters
04. Rob Van Dam
05. Sabu
06. Sandman
07. Test (ECW)
08. Kenny Dykstra
09. Bobby Lashley
10. Gregory Helms
11. Matt Hardy
12. Balls Mahoney
13. Lance Cade
14. Trevor Murdoch
15. Big Daddy V
16. Shelton Benjamin
17. Paul London
18. Chuck Palumbo
19. Tazz (w/ Towel)
20. Triple H (DX)
21. Randy Orton old
22. Shane McMahon old
23. Tommy Dreamer
24. JTG
25. Charlie Haas
26. Super Crazy
27. Batista
28. Chavo Guerrero
29. Doink
30. Boogeyman
31. Jimmy Wang Yang
32. Jeff Hardy
33. Umaga
34. Carlito
35. M.V.P.
36. The Hurricane
37. R-Truth (mic)
38. Demolition Ax/Smash
39. Demolition Ax/Smash
40. Michael Cole
41. Jerry Lawler
42. Jim Ross
43. Vladimir Kozlov
44. Trent Barreta
45. Dean Ambrose
46. Sonjay Dutt
47. El Generico
48. Austin Aries
49. Big Show (heel)
50. Alex Riley
51. Evan Bourne
52. Mason Ryan
53. Ezekiel Jackson
54. Husky Harris
55. Michael McGillicutty
56. Tyson Kidd
57. William Regal
58. Yoshi Tatsu
59. Daniel Bryan old
60. Boxer
61. Cellphone Guy
62. Appeal to Crowd
63. Looking muscles
64. Zombie

01. Maria
02. Torrie Wilson
03. Ashley
04. Victoria
05. Candice Michelle
06. Mickie James
07. Melina
08. Gail Kim
09. Generic
10. Natayla
11. Michelle McCool (LayCool)
12. Ariel
13. Jillian
14. Cartwheel girl
15. Maryse
16. Michelle McCool

Tag Teams
01. The Hardys
02. Cryme Tyme
03. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson
04. Jesse & Festus
05. Carlito & Primo
06. Straight Edge Society
07. Lay-Cool
08. Demolition
09. Face
10. Heel
11. Arms Raised & Pointing
12. Stretching
13. Hawkins & Ryder
14. Shane & Vince McMahon
15. Cade & Murdoch
16. Hooliganz (Kendrick & London)
17. Umaga & Estrada
18. Cena & Tony
19. Hunico & Camacho

Tag Legends
01. The Road Warriors
02. The Rockers
03. Bushwhackers

Mixed Tag Teams
01. Glamerella
02. Nitro & Melina
03. Knox & Kelly
04. Paul Burchill & Katie Lea
05. Face
06. Heel

01. MNM
02. Spirit Squad
03. nWo
04. Generic
05. The Hart Dynasty
06. The Legacy
07. Primo & Epico w/ Rosa

Create an Entrance Video
Create an Entrance is back with many of the same templates as last year, but now you can select more theme songs for the created entrance.

Create an special move (Finishers & Signatures)
In the past it was just finishers that could be created, now you can create signature moves as well, added is a true Package Piledriver for all of you Kevin Steen fans.

Create a Moveset
The move set mode is more versatile then ever, with the ability to customize the limb targeting now as well.

Here is a list of preset move sets

01. Evan Bourne
02. Alex Riley
03. Mason Ryan
04. Ezekiel Jackson
05. Michael McGillicutty
06. Husky Harris
07. William Regal
08. Tyson Kidd
09. JTG
10. John Morrison
11. Chris Masters
12. Vladimir Kozlov
13. Chavo Guerrero
14. M.V.P.
15. Batista
16. Michelle McCool
17. Melina
18. Maryse
19. Shelton Benjamin
20. Charlie Haas
21. Goldberg
22. Kurt Angle
23. Rob Van Dam
24. Mr. Anderson/Kennedy
25. Jeff Hardy
26. Matt Hardy
27. Samoa Joe
28. AJ Styles
29. Ric Flair
30. Roddy Piper

Create an Arena
The created Arena system has been improved, now allowing you to modify elements from the set design recreating such arenas as Raw 2002, Smackdown Fist, the new WWE HD sets, Taboo Tuesday, & Tribute to the troops.  The Create an Arena mode, also now allows you to change lighting, arena size & whether its a Attitude Era Crowd or WWE Universe Era crowd.

Superstar Threads
Retaining the same feature set of past WWE games with this feature you are able to edit various elements of attires, the only big issue I have seen is you cannot complete remove the blue from CM Punk’s attire, on the side of his trunks.

Create a Logo
Create a logo returns, with the same paint tools, great for those looking to customize their arenas. superstars & entrances.

Story Designer
Story designer is back again with more customization, with more story animations, more non playable characters & the ability to make your stories more elaborate then ever, here are some animations that popped out to me

Take That  - DX comes out and hits Pedigree & Superkick followed by DX chops.

Card Game with APA - You are having a card game with drinks, playing cards with APA this is branching.

Roulette - The Raw Roulette wheel is seen in the ring and it lands on a star.

Double Tables - One superstar is on double stacked tables on the outside, one goes to top rope & drives an elbow through both tables

Invasion - Two are fighting in the ring, one comes out to help attack, two more come out they argue, then look at the one guy & all 4 attack.

Monster Truck - One guy is talking on his cell phone , then all of the sudden his car, gets run over by a monster truck.

Ortons Teaching - Orton stalking his tag team partner after he poses, then hits with an RKO

The Pyro - The pyro displays for AEM Raw and Smackdown are great, cannot wait to play some really good quality stories.

All of things are great companions to WWE Universe 3.0. WWE Universe 3.0 is the evolution and the third iteration of WWE Universe mode (WUM) for short. I am going to breakdown the features & what is improved over last years title.

Match Cards
Here we have a list of different match cards, there is now 5 matches for major shows & 3 matches for minor shows.Overall pretty basic, not any improvement from last year, but not anything really needed.

Here is where you see a calendar of events, allowing you to move the date of the ppv, allowing you to see in the monthly calendar when various events will be taking place. Branching into each show there is the following options

- Show Name
- Show Logo
- Major,Minor,Tag,Womens Championship
- Match Template
- Universe Draft On or Off
- Rosters Included
- Arena Selection

A huge improvement from last year as you can now have 7 shows a week , 31 days out of the month, as far as I know superstars don’t go on a another show that you do not want, also even though it was in last year, if you have the same belts on the major shows, you can super shows.

Here is where you have a top list of Superstars, who are vying for the championships in your WWE Universe. Not much has changed here, pretty straight forward, nothing really needed to be changed to be honest.


Edit Universe
In edit universe you can now custom rankings, vacate championships, & edit Superstars.

  • Edit Superstars
    First off edit superstars have many of the same features of past years but you can now edit hit ratios, just like you can with caws. The reasoning for this is you can now edit how much damage a given superstar can take based on head, body,arms & legs. Contender status here you can now remove yourself from minor title race, as well see what your major rank is.The relationships shows who your allies are , who you are feuding with & who  you are currently tagging with.The last part of the edit a superstar is the stats, breaking down title runs, career length, Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania & Money in the Bank appearances.
  • Edit Rosters
    One big improvement is now default inactive brand, as well too my best knowledge it keeps them actually inactive. Once you select a brand, it has a new layout showing icons of current roster stars, with options to choose brand name,brand logo/ As well it gives total roster size, superstars, divas , day of airing & shows superstars & what the minimum is.
  • Edit Teams
    The ability to edit tag teams is back, with basic options as members, name, team announcements(which there is way more then ever), as well edit entrances which brings you to create an entrance for tag teams.
  • Edit Titles
    Here is where you do everything related to titles, listed at the top is the current WWE titles. You can vacate a title or you can select a list of Superstars & make him the champion.
  • Story Options
    Here is a bunch of new options such as universe stories,non-ppv stories,team forming/disbanding,crowd reaction changing stories & injury stories.
  • Reset WWE Universe
    Pretty straight forward, it resets your universe back to system defaults.

One huge improvement with WUM this year is the inclusion of stats for your WWE Universe. You get such stats as Royal Rumble featuring elimination records, win records, length of time in the rumble. Also is Wrestlemania win streak, appearances, & main event appearances as well. The great thing about the stats in WUM, is the fact that it incorporates real life stats as well, a very welcome addition.

Overall I am pretty happy with the improvements to WWE Universe mode, lots of great improvements to the mode, plus all of those stats makes this an ideal mode for those who love arcade games. I have only played around two weeks of Universe mode so I have just barely scratched the surface.

I look forward to playing it a lot more, just like AEM its a great way to introduce yourself to all of the Supestars in the game. One thing to be noted however so if you have 6 cards a week, expect storylines to be a slow burn so to speak.

While WWE Universe will keep the hardcore fans busy till next year, there is a mode that allows you to live the revolution that took place during The Attitude Era, which is a mode that both casual & hardcore fans alike will enjoy.

When I first heard that we could re live the era that I grew up with, to say my mind was blown would be an understatement. It was a team effort of an all star list of WWE Superstars such as Degeneration X, The Rock , Stonecold Steve Austin & The 3 Faces of Foley. The Attitude Era changed our perception of Raw, brought in many new fresh eyes & blurred the lines between who we cheer & who we boo. The Attitude era was a combination of Steve Austin winning the WWE Championship , Bret Hart leaving for WCW & the rise of talents like The Rock, Triple H & Mick Foley.

I am going to try to be as spoiler free as possible, yes I am sure a lot of you guys have experienced The Attitude Era for yourselves.However there is some there have not, so I will do my best to make sure that when you play this mode it is a surprise for you. So first off the main structure of the game is very much like past games there is a handful of chapters, it tells a narrative that you interact with & when you defeat a missions you get unlockables.

In the past games like Legends of Wrestlemania & past WWE games have started using archive videos of historic WWE events & moments of note on WWE television. This time there is over 20 videos telling the stories of The Attitude Era and the Monday night wars. While this mode is told in the perspective of the WWE, we do get a bit of WCW back history during key dates in the Monday night wars.

The Attitude Era mode starts just around when DX was formed in the summer of 1997 leading up to the huge match with Bret Hart taking on The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as the referee. Last years Road to Wrestlemania story mode while had 3 really good recreations of past WWE storylines with a 2011 twist, the game play was tiresome & became very frustrating.

This is remedied, as instead of simply either having matches then backstage brawls, then repeat you will have the core objective in most cases of just winning the match. While there is a core objective of winning the match, there is something called historic objectives such as doing finishers, using weapons or interacting with something called Attitude Moments. What the Attitude Moments are, are these interactive quick time events just as hitting the ref or interacting with a cinematic, in last years game, this was over used , this years game, it is used very sparingly. The audio experience is much improved in this mode as there is both Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross on commentary giving it that added feel of experiencing the Attitude Era.

While the main feature of the mode is to go through the various chapters featuring Degeneration X , Stonecold Steve Austin, The Brothers of Destruction, 3 Faces of Foley, The Rock & Wrestlemania XV, there is some other features that complements the story that you play through. One of the unlockable features is called Off the Script, this is a bunch of 10 matches featuring other moments taking place in the Attitude Era that tell a story on a per match basis. You get to play as such Superstars as The Godfather, Chris Jericho & Lita.

Like I mentioned before WWE Games & WWE put together over 20 excellently produced video pieces, that tell the story of The Attitude Era, one great feature of AEM is the fact at anytime you can re watch all of the video pieces. I look at it like you getting a tease at the WWE Attitude Era DVD that is coming very soon. Also included is a ratings chart that has a graph that features the Rating from zero to 8, demonstrating the back & forth battle that was The Attitude Era.

While the videos are awesome, you also get a photo gallery for each mission that you defeat, WWE 13 Attitude Era mode is the complete visual representation of the historic era in pro wrestling. What would a video game be without a ton of unlockables, that is one key element of Attitude Era mode is there is over 100 unlockables, that are unlocked via doing main objectives, as well as hidden objectives that pop up when you damage your opponent to critical.

Over the past month I took in a lot of Attitude Era content from the Austin DVD to Monday Night Wars to even watching Beyond the Mat again. I feel this is the most historically correct, immerse & satisfying of all the content that I experienced. I will admit WWE 13 Attitude Era mode is not without faults with your usual situations that were a great idea on tv, but don’t play as well as they could in the game.

The core single player mode in WWE 13 is much improved from last years mode, while there is less backstage area experiences, the accurate objectives that are a lot of fun make up for any lack of backstage. Missing is any co operative or online in this mode, but other then that, this mode leaves me hard pressed to create a list of complaints. If anything The Attitude Era mode is a great introduction to constantly returning stars like Mick Foley, The Rock & Bret Hart. With the ability to create a 1997 – 2001 show in WWE Universe mode, Attitude Era mode is a great introduction & tribute to a fine group of Superstars who made the WWE a household name.

The presentation of WWE 13 is greatly improved with the new feature called WWE Live, with WWE Live the crowd chants more, there is a bigger reaction when signatures & finishers are performed, the crowd generally reacts more to entrances as well. There is a certain feel that is exclusive to WWE matches where the crowd reacts a certain way, they sound a certain way when there is a signature performed & sound an even different way there is a finisher performed, followed by the crowd counting 1 .. 2 ..3. WWE 13 uses real crowd noise from WWE events, it just feels that much more like a WWE show in WWE 13.

WWE 13 also includes a new replay system, as after you perform a finisher you get 3 different camera angles. There is a issues with the final replay of the finisher, as sometimes there is times when the referee gets in the way. The camera cuts can be turned off, display counts can be turned on & one of my favorites, the full HUD can be turned on as well. The lighting in WWE 13 is also improved as the models & arena’s look as detailed & true to life as ever before. While the created superstars still do not look as detailed as the actual WWE Superstars, the quality is probably the closest to the real models that I have seen before.

WWE 13 released literally in a shark infested waters releasing smack dab along with & before titles like Call of Duty , Halo & NBA 2k13 , not to mention all of the other holiday toys. WWE 13 in my opinion offers one of the most complete packages out of all of those potential choices. I really found it very hard to find faults with WWE 13, but those faults do not bring down the score from last years game, but a few things such as WWE 13 lacking a story mode featuring current day roster, odd camera angles glitches with replays & some few commentary glitches, but big picture those things don’t matter.

What really matters is this is a game produced by a team that it is apparent they are fans of what they make, the unmatchable creation suite, the truly epic Attitude Era mode, & the unlimited amount of replay value available in WWE Universe Mode. As pro wrestling fan of almost 20 years WWE 13 has everything I need, working online, 10 plus hour story mode, extra career mode & allows me to keep my experience updated.

WWE 13 is a package of wrestling content, that is in the conversation & surpasses ,as far having the most bang for yout buck as what was the greatest sports game of all time NBA 2K. I know a lot of people had the vision that NBA 2K was the benchmark for content in a sports video game, but that new benchmark is now WWE 13. Go out and live the revolution that is realized with WWE 13.

+ Best WWE Roster of All Time
+ Great selection arenas
+ Online is very solid
+ 14 hr voiced over story mode
+ Unprecedented creation suite
+ Unlimited replay value with WWE Universe mode
- Universe Mode could use some better presentation pyro / show opens
- audio glitches in commentary in Attitude Era Mode
- odd camera angles at the end of finisher replays
- lacking online league / tournament support
- no voiced over story mode for current day Superstars

4 & 3/4 / 5 (95 Percent)

*Editors note, my copy of WWE 13 was purchased before receiving review copy*

Brad Ward can be followed on Twitter for tweets on Universe mode , current wrestling product & all of the great titles coming in the fall of 2012. He has the back history since 1990 from the original Pro Wrestling on the NES to recent titles like WWE Allstars, AAA Lucha Libre & Fire Pro Wrestling.


Top Ten Attitude Era Players in WWE 13 - # 2 - The Rock

Over the next 10 days as we countdown to the release of WWE 13 on Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 & Nintendo Wii, launching this blog, I am going to list the Top 10 Attitude Era Players in #WWE13

Check out the other Top 10 Attitude Era Players in WWE 13

2.)The Rock
3.)The Corporation
4.)Degeneration X
5.)3 Faces of Foley
6.)The Hart Foundation
7.)The Brothers of Destruction
8.)Iron Mike Tyson
9.)The Nation of Domination
10.) The Brood

2.)The Rock

The Rock made his debut at the 1997 Survivor Series as a tag team partner with Jake the Snake Roberts, The Stalker & Marc Mero, he ended up being the sole survivor of his team. He started coming out with a fringe, tassels & super energetic music. At first The Rock was hated for the by the fans because he was everything that Stonecold & Degeneration X was not, he was colorful, he was over the top & was very much like John Cena of today. In early 1997 he won the Intercontinental Championship from HHH, following his win leading into Wrestlemania 13 he scored a DQ victory over Bret Hart.

On the April 28th, 1997 edition of Raw, he lost the Intercontinental championship to Owen hart. He return with an edge & joined up with Farooq in the Nation of Domination, he later said that you people will no longer be calling him Rocky Maivia, he will now be forever known as The Rock. Along with Farooq he began insulting the fans and other WWE Superstars. In March 1998 he took over the Nation of Domination, he had a title match for the IC title with Ken Shamrock, he retained after Shamrock snapped. Following Wrestlemania, he feuded with former NOD leader Farooq. The Rock then began feuding with Degeneration X & Triple H over the IC title. They had a trilogy of matches, including a ladder match at Summerslam, which was a large contribution to both men’s longevity in the business.

The Rock became #1 contender for the WWE Championship, along with this he was feuding with Mark Henry, where then the Nation of Domination was then disbanded.The Rock was involved in the finals of Deadly Game Tournament, with bad guy Mankind at the time who was aligned with Mr. Mcmahon, but Mcmahon turned on Mankind and a double turn took place. The blue chipper, for the first time was crowned WWE champion, The Rock was known as The Corporate Champion or The Crown Jewel in some circles. He was the center piece and one of the top reasons, The Corporation existed. The Rock would then feud with Mankind leading up through the winter and shortly before Wrestlemania,he then entered Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion, Rock & Austin had a hell of a match at the show of shows, however it was Steve Austin who came out on top that night.

Following Backlash, the fans started to cheer The Rock & embraced them in his interviews, even though he told them before, it was not sing along with The Rock. He went on to feud with Triple H, Undertaker & other Corporate Ministry members. The Rock went on to Over the Edge to defeat Triple H, then lose to the Undertaker at King of the Ring. He continued to feud with Triple H, but a feud with Mr Ass Billy Gun started shortly, which culminated at Summerslam.The Rock then went to team with Mankind as part of the Rock & Sock connection. Enter the Royal Rumble, The Rock & Big Show both won the Royal Rumble at the same time. Due to the controversy, it was a made 3 way at Wrestlemania, with Mick Foley added later by Linda McMahon.

The Rock while not victorious in the fatal 4 way, got the better of the Mcmahon Helmsley era, sending Stephanie Mcmahon crashing to the mat with a thunderous Rock Bottom.The next month the Rock defeated Triple H to win the WWE Championship, he went on to hold the WWE Championship, till october which was lost to new comer Kurt Angle.The Rock continued to be involved in the WWE Championship but later teamed with The Undertaker & feuded with Edge & Christian. The Rock & Kurt angle continued to feud in the winter over the WWE Championship, which The Rock won back at WWE No Way Out.

At Wrestlemania 17 We saw The Rock & Austin clash in one of the biggest Wrestlemania’s of all time, in that match we saw Mr. Mcmahon come out and align with Stonecold Steve Austin.The following night on Raw, The Rock & Steve Austin had a title match for the WWE Championship, Triple H interfered, & we got another surprise, as Triple H turned on The Rock & beat down The Rock to a bloody pulp.

After this Steve Austin & Triple H formed a team known as the two man power trip. The Rock’s legacy in my opinion for the attitude era was a guy that had really good interviews, brought the best out of performers like Mankind, Triple H & of course Stonecold Steve Austin, he will forever be known as the one superstar that contributed the most to creating the biggest superstar of all time Stonecold Steve Austin.

Top Ten Attitude Era Players in WWE 13 - # 3 - The Corporation / Corporate Ministry

Over the next 10 days as we countdown to the release of WWE 13 on Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 & Nintendo Wii, launching this blog, I am going to list the Top 10 Attitude Era Players in #WWE13

Check out the other Top 10 Attitude Era Players in WWE 13

3.)The Corporation
4.)Degeneration X
5.)3 Faces of Foley
6.)The Hart Foundation
7.)The Brothers of Destruction
8.)Iron Mike Tyson
9.)The Nation of Domination
10.) The Brood

Members in WWE13: The Big Bossman,Big Show,Kane,Ken Shamrock,Mr. Mcmahon,Shane Mcmahon,Shawn Michaels,The Rock & Triple H

3.)The Corporation

After Mr. Mcmahon left the commentary table on WWE TV, after a confrontation with Bret Hart, Mr Mcmahon found himself in a stronger on screen role then in the past. It started with surrounding himself with what become known as the stoodges, Patterson & Brisco. At the time the commissioner was Sgt. Slaughter was in a war with both Degeneration X & Steve Austin, who were a handful. They later on became giving Mr. Mcmahon problems as well. Mr. Mcmahon brought in The Big Bossman for protection against the rebels, as well. At the 1998 Survivor Series, The Rock was in the finals for the vacant WWE Championship, which he won that night with help of The Big Bossman & other Mcmahon’s associates, that night The Corporation was officially born.

The Rock became The Corporate Champion, & was backed by both the hardcore champion The Big Bossman & Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock. The Corporation was getting even stronger, making the odds even harder for rebels like Mankind, Steve Austin & DX. The Corporation would continue to support The Rock till the end of The year, & much of 1999. Kane was forced into joining up with The Corporation, as he was forced to go to the mental Asylum if he did not join.

Shane Mcmahon later took over The Corporation, citing that Vince Mcmahon had too much of a vested interest in his daughter, & not enough in the greater interest of The Corporation. Shane kept kicking out more members of the group, getting rid of excess that he felt didn’t work anymore. We next saw the loss of The Stoodges, because they were no longer a use to him. Just like Mr. Mcmahon getting kicked out for having stronger interests in other things, such as his sister Ryan Shamrock, who was being played with by The Undertaker as well. Soon after we saw Test leave the group as well, as he felt he wasn’t being used & there was not room for him. The biggest release of the group was none other then The Rock, after failing to re capture the WWE title from Steve Austin, shortly after he was beaten down & kicked out.

Shane feeling The Corporation starting to dwindle in members, he aligned with The Ministry & out of it came, The Corporate Ministry. The Corp Ministry went on with The Undertaker winning the WWE Championship, as well as The Acolytes winning the tag titles. In June of that year, it was revealed that the higher power was none other then Mr. Mcmahon himself. Linda Mcmahon then came out following the incidient,gave Austin 50% of the WWE & 25% to both Shane & Stephanie. A week later we saw both The Undertaker & Acolytes lose their championships. At Fully Loaded Austin retained the title in a first blood match, but The Acolytes regained their titles.

Triple Would become number one contender for Austin’s WWE championship & Xpac & Kane defeated The Acolytes to win the WWE tag team titles. Through the summer The Corporate Ministry broke up, The Undertaker & Big Show formed a team with the Big Show called The Unholy Alliance. Mideon & Viscera were still aligned with The Undertaker, helping him out from time to time. At Summerslam The Unholy Alliance, defeated Xpac & Kane for the tag team championships. Following Summerslam The Rock & Sock connection, defeated them for the titles.

The next week thanks to Triple H, they regained the titles. The Undertaker was later suspended by Mr. Mcmahon for not fighting in a casket match with Triple H. Following this there was a Dark Side Rules match, which was a gauntlet for Triple H, but Undertaker was replaced by Mideon & Viscera. Mideon & Viscera won that match, due to the odds stacked against Triple H. Undertaker was then not seen for almost a year after his suspension.

The remnants of Mcmahons Corporation group (reformed following Wrestlemania 2000, after Vince turned on The Rock & formed The Mcmahon - Helmsley faction. The Corporation was a great counterpoint to the rebels like Mankind, Stonecold Steve Austin & later on The Rock, it solidified Triple H as being one of the top players in the industry & was just as much of a part of Triple H’s evolution as was Degeneration X.

Top Ten Attitude Era Players in WWE 13 - # 4 - Degeneration X

Over the next 10 days as we countdown to the release of WWE 13 on Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 & Nintendo Wii, launching this blog, I am going to list the Top 10 Attitude Era Players in #WWE13

Check out the other Top 10 Attitude Era Players in WWE 13

4.)Degeneration X
5.)3 Faces of Foley
6.)The Hart Foundation
7.)The Brothers of Destruction
8.)Iron Mike Tyson
9.)The Nation of Domination
10.) The Brood

Members in WWE 13: Billy Gun, Mike Tyson,Road Dogg,Shawn Michaels,Triple H & Xpac

4.)Degeneration X

Shawn Michaels was taking on Mankind on Monday Night Raw,during the match Triple H interfered in the match as at the time he was feuding with Mankind. The following week Triple H & Shawn Michaels took on Mankind & The Undertaker. Shawn Michaels then faced The Undertaker at Ground Zero in September of 1997, Triple H & his allies once again got involved in another one of Shawn Michaels matches. The two began appearing together making jokes & pulling pranks on authority figures like Sgt. Slaughter & Mr. McMahon. In that same month Shawn Michaels went to England to win the European Championship by defeating British Bulldog, which started the feud with The Hart Foundation leading into Survivor Series 1997, where the infamous Montreal screwjob took place.

Following Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels took on Ken Shamrock for the WWE Championship, but the match ended in a draw after Owen Hart interfered who feuded with Triple H culminating at Wrestlemania. Shawn Michaels defended his championship against The Undertaker who defeated him at the October In Your House: Bad Blood PPV at the Royal Rumble. Shawn Michaels walked away with the WWE championship intact, but behind the scenes Shawn was spiraling out of control. At Wrestlemania Shawn went on to defend his title against Steve Austin, but in a double cross by Mike Tyson, he was left laying and we did not see Shawn Michaels, wrestle for almost 5 years.

The next night after Wrestlemania a new DX was born. Triple H came out and brought out, his buddy Xpac who joined up with his friend Triple H. Also we saw The Road Dogg & Bad Ass Billy Gunn joined up as well. DX then became all about these super over the top stunts & skits, they feuded with the likes of nation of the domination doing a memorable skit on the NOD. At one point we saw DX take a tank to Turner towers & invade WCW. The group then began feuding with the new commissioner for the WWE & former DX member Shawn Michaels after Michaels turned on DX after costing Xpac his WWE Championship match with The Rock.

Michaels feud with DX would continue as he cost Billy Gun the Intercontinental Championship & costing the outlaws the tag team championships as well. Michaels even attempted to get the New Age Outlaws to join The Corporation. In January 1999, The Corporation then turned on Michaels, after this were to happen Michaels once again joined up with DX. At Wrestlemania XV Triple H represented DX & took on Kane who was part of The Corporation, but it was The Corporation that helped him take out Kane. After XPac getting screwed, he aligned with former Corporation member Kane.

Gunn becoming frustrated about the allegiance that Xpac formed with Kane, turned on DX. Billy Gunn wanting the royalties all to himself, he challenged Road & Xpac with the winner gaining full rights to the DX name.Road Dogg & Xpac came out on top & left with full control of DX. On a Raw following Xpac & Kane then won the WWE tag team titles from the Acolytes, with Kane saying his first words “suck it”.

In October of that year the New Age Outlaws then reformed, as well as did Triple H & Xpac who feuded with each other. Xpac then got back into it with Kane, as he stole Kane’s girlfriend Tori. Triple H also aligning with Stephanie McMahon, Steph would join DX as well. DX feuded with Austin, Rock, Mankind & Shane Mcmahon. Enter the DX Express, it was a tour bus that would take Xpac,Triple H,Tori, & Stephanie Mcmahon in story to all the WWE events. Early 2000, Billy Gunn was kicked out of the group, after Billy Gunn lost his cool in story. Triple H went into Wrestlemania 2000 defending the championship, with Mcmahon turning on The Rock, allowing Triple H to walk out as champion, but it was Stephanie who was left laying thanks to The Rock.

Tori & Xpac was instrumental in Stephanie Mcmahon winning the Womens Championship, after interference. Following Wrestlemania, The Rock got his revenge & defeated Triple H for the WWE Championship. As far as Xpac & Road Dogg goes, they broke up & had a match at Summerslam of that year. Triple H, the Road Dogg, Billy Ghad their last hurrah as DX in that era on the November 6th, 2000 Monday Night Raw. After that DX wouldn’t been seen together for 6 years. DX no doubt left their mark on the attitude era being the counter of guys like Bret Hart, Steve Austin , Mick Foley. Yeah have to think that Degeneration Xis responsible in some shape or form for Triple H being where he is today.

Top Ten Attitude Era Players in WWE 13 - # 5 - 3 Faces of Foley

Over the next 10 days as we countdown to the release of WWE 13 on Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 & Nintendo Wii, launching this blog, I am going to list the Top 10 Attitude Era Players in #WWE13

Check out the other Top 10 Attitude Era Players in WWE 13

5.)3 Faces of Foley
6.)The Hart Foundation
7.)The Brothers of Destruction
8.)Iron Mike Tyson
9.)The Nation of Domination
10.) The Brood

5.)3 Faces of Foley

The WWE Universe saw Foley for the very first time as we saw creepy videos airing on WWE television about a man who was deranged & who was going to take out his schizophrenic mental & psychological issues on the WWE Superstars. We saw Mankind debut not long after Wrestlemania 12, he went after The Undertaker, sending a message to the WWE, that he was not something to mess with. The feud boiled to a broiler room brawl with the Undertaker at Summerslam, in which Paul bearer turned on The Undertaker. Mankind then earned a title shot against Shawn Michaels, but it was Michaels who left with the championship that night. In October of that year the Mankind & Undertaker feud continued again with a first ever Buried Alive match, Mankind won the confrontation help to Executioner & allies hired by Paul Bearer.

Dude Love another Persona of Mick Foley, saw his debut when he replaced Shawn Michaels when Michaels was unable to compete, originally his other personality Mankind wanted to help out Austin but Austin wanted no part in it. That night Dude Love & Steve Austin then became tag team champions together. Due to Steve Austin’s neck injury, he then vacated the tag titles, after Austin was hurt at Summerslam 1997. After Mankind’s legendary steel cage win at Summerslam 1997, the feud continued but this time Dude Love was feuding with HHH, they were to have a streetfight on Raw, but it was not Dude Love that competed, but it was his alternate personality Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack was known for having hardcore death matches in Japan.The iconic image of Cactus jack piledriving Helmsley on the stage is what I remember most fondly.

One of Cactus Jack’s allies outside of the WWE, joined up with him as we saw the return of Terry Funk to the WWE playing a character named Chainsaw Charlie. At the 1998 Royal Rumble, Foley appeared as Cactus Jack, Mankind & Dude Love. While he did not win the Rumble that night, all 3 superstars being in the same match will not be forgotten. Chainsaw Charlie & Cactus Jack went on to defeat the New Age Outlaws at Wrestlemania XIV. Following Wrestlemania, Cactus Jack turned on the fans saying no one cared about him, he later returned as Dude Love as one of Mr. McMahons associates. He went on to challenge Austin at Over the Edge, but was not successful, & was fired by Mr. Mcmahon.

He returned later as corporate Mankind who was trying to impress, Mr. Mcmahon, wearing a untucked white shirt & tie. The Undertaker & Mankind battled once again but in the demonic Hell in a Cell structure. It started on top of the cell, with Mankind being thrown off the cell. They climbed back up, & this time Mankind was thrown through the cell. The match is known for creating one of the most iconic images in the history of the Hell in a Cell with the tooth of Mankind being dislodged. Following the match both men received a standing ovation for their performances in the Hell in a Cell, especially Mankind.

On December 29th, 1998 Mankind won the WWE Championship with thanks to Stonecold taking out the Corporation. Mankind & Rock had a devastating match at Royal Rumble 1999, in which Foley took about 10 chairshots to the head, I Quit was piped into the arena PA, with Rock becoming the new WWF Champion for the second time. Rock & Mankind were to have a empty arena match during halftime of the Super Bowl, here is where we saw Mankind win the WWF Championship back. At St. Valentines Day massacre, Foley retained the title in a Last Man Standing match. The next night on Raw there was a ladder match for the WWF Championship, with the help of The Big Show, The Rock won the championship for the third time.

Mankind then fought the Big Show at Wrestlemania XV in a battle, where we saw Mankind sent to the hospital, as well the Big Show was arrested. Mankind came back & refereed, The Rock vs Stonecold Steve Austin & was instrumental to helping Steve Austin defeat The Rock at Wrestlemania. Mankind went on to team to team with The Rock forming the Rock & Sock Connection. Mankind & The Rock were involved in what was the highest rated WWE segment in history, based on This is Your Life. Foley went on to win the WWE championship once more at Summerslam. Mankind went on to be involved in a major feud with the Mcmahon - Helmsley power couple, in which Triple H become WWE Champion for the first time.

Triple H took on Foley who played the role of Cactus Jack, they had a brutal match in which had barbwire , thumbtacks & everything but the kitchen sink, in the end Triple H came out the victor in New york City. Cactus Jack would challenge Triple H to a Hell in a Cell career match at WWE No Way Out, it took two pedigrees, with one being on tacks, to end Foley’s career. Foley will be remembered as a guy who solidified The Rock as being one of the most entertaining WWE Superstars in history, as well as making Triple H one of the most hated. Whether it was Mankind, Cactus Jack or Dude Love, Mick Foley was a face that remembered in the attitude era.

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Top Ten Attitude Era Players in WWE 13 - # 6 - The Hart Foundation

Over the next 10 days as we countdown to the release of WWE 13 on Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 & Nintendo Wii, launching this blog, I am going to list the Top 10 Attitude Era Players in #WWE13

Check out the other Top 10 Attitude Era Players in WWE 13

6.)The Hart Foundation
7.)The Brothers of Destruction
8.)Iron Mike Tyson
9.)The Nation of Domination
10.) The Brood

Members in WWE 13: Bret “The Hitman” Hart,”The Loose Cannon Brian Pillman & The British Bulldog

6.)The Hart Foundation

Led by the Calgary native Bret Hart The Hart Foundation was known for having as much gold as pretty much any group in WWE History, rivaled by Degeneration X. It all started with Bret Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart the team that was the Ferrari & the Mac truck. They went on to be WWE tag team champions feuding with great such as Demolition , The Rockers & more. Bret Hart went on to have a solid singles career winning both the Intercontinental Championship & WWE Championship. While Bret was blazing a path alongside, long rival Shawn Michaels, his brother Owen was an up & comer that was while everyone was looking at Bret & Shawn, Owen definitely was a guy that was catching the eye of a lot of fans & WWE officials alike.

Owen went on like his brother Bret went on to become both tag team & Intercontinental champion. At Wrestlemania 10 Owen & Bret feuded in a match before Bret went on to be WWE world champion for the second time. Bret & Owen feuded following that match, that culminated at Summerslam that year. One of the key factors that led Bret becoming WWE World champion, was his feud he had with The British Bulldog, who is his brother in law. Davey Boy was part of The British Bulldogs, with the Dynamite Kid. He went on to beat Bret at Summerslam 1992 in his home country of England. Following this, Bret beat Ric Flair to become WWE World Champion.

"The Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman, was in a feud with Steve Austin after Steve Austin went to his house and was involved in one of the most controversial tv segments, in the history of Monday Night Raw. Heading into July of 2012 Bret was in a feud with Steve Austin following their brutal match at Wrestlemania 13. We saw such scenes as Bret in a wheel chair being attacked by Steve Austin , & Austin driving a Ambulance. It all leaded to a 10 man tag featuring Bret Hart, Owen Hart, The Bulldog, Brian Pillman & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart taking on Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust & The Legion of Doom at WWE In Your House: Canadian Stampede. Think of it like John Cena vs CM Punk going back & forth between Chicago & Boston.

The feud that Steve Austin had with the Hart Foundation was one of the key elements, I believe that lead to his huge run through ought the attitude era. The Hart foundation is remembered as one of the most prestigious groups that was the Ying of Steve Austins Yang. Following this we saw Bret Hart win the WWE world championship again, but for the last time. It also lead to him becoming a villan agianst Degeneration X. In the fall of 1997, The Hart Foundation were to last until Survivor Series 1997 in Montreal, where the culmination ended with Shawn Michaels defeating Bret Hart in the Montreal Screwjob, for the WWE Championship It was a very real situation, which is why I think it worked so well.

Coming out of the Survivor Series, we got the creation of the Mr. McMahon character, he got Degeneration X becoming very hated, once again we saw a double turn on WWE TV. The British Bulldog & Jim the Anvil Neidhart followed Bret Hart to WCW, Owen stayed and had feuds with Triple H & teamed with wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett. Owen was remembered, rest his soul as a guy who had the most Hart out of any of the foundation. While Owen is not in WWE 13, I am sure he will be one of hte most created on community creations. Coming out of this as well Shawn Michaels, being hated created a great opposite for Steve Austin to face off against which started the Austin Era at Wrestlemania 14.

Top Ten Attitude Era Players in WWE 13 - # 7 - Brothers of Destruction

Over the next 10 days as we countdown to the release of WWE 13 on Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 & Nintendo Wii, launching this blog, I am going to list the Top 10 Attitude Era Players in #WWE13

Check out the other Top 10 Attitude Era Players in WWE 13

7.)The Brothers of Destruction
8.)Iron Mike Tyson
9.)The Nation of Domination
10.) The Brood

7.)The Brothers of Destruction

The Undertaker is a name that was one of the biggest players in the attitude era without a doubt, him & his brother Kane left their mark on the WWE and have been involved in some of the biggest angles in pro wrestling history. The Undertaker began his career in the very 90’s, he was able to secure multiple WWE title reigns even before we saw his brother come on the scene. Leading into the attitude era he had feuds with such talents as Pyscho Sid,Diesel,Mankind, & Bret Hart.

It was October 5th, 1997, The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels were set to battle in a Hell in a Cell, back then Hell in a Cell matches were used to culminate a feud to its boiling point. The month prior Paul Bearer warned, Undertaker that his brother was still alive. Kane showed up during the Hell in a Cell match, he tore the door off the cell & tomb stoned his own brother, allowing Shawn Michaels to pin The Undertaker. The Undertaker & Kane were then to feud till the middle of the summer. Kane would get involved with Steve Austin, but still keep his feud some what hot with his brother The Undertaker. Leading into Austin vs Undertaker Highway to Hell at Summerslam, The Undertaker revealed they were working together.

By the end of the year, The Undertaker & Kane split up & The Undertaker formed a new faction called The Ministry. Kane feuded with his brother once again, until The Ministry at one point, joined forces with The Corporation. The Undertaker following the fall of the Corporate Ministry, took a long sabbatical & was not seen for many months after. Kane found himself aligned with DX & feuding with Triple H at Wrestlemania XV. From Buried Alive to Inferno to First Blood, The Brothers of Destruction left a path of destruction that set the attitude era on fire.

Top Ten Attitude Era Players in WWE 13 - # 8 - Mike Tyson

Over the next 10 days as we countdown to the release of WWE 13 on Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 & Nintendo Wii, launching this blog, I am going to list the Top 10 Attitude Era Players in #WWE13

Check out the other Top 10 Attitude Era Players in WWE 13

8.)Iron Mike Tyson
9.)The Nation of Domination
10.) The Brood

#8.)Iron Mike Tyson

He is the Baddest man on the planet & he is known for his explosive boxing career. He was first seen at the Royal Rumble watching the show, with Shane McMahon. He later then confronted the winner of the Royal Rumble, The Texas Rattlesnake Stonecold Steve Austin. He started out being aligned with Degeneration X , it was known that he was to be the special enforcer for Austin vs Michaels for the WWE Championship. He later then went on to double cross Michaels, & knock him out at after Steve Austin won the WWE Championship.

Shortly after Wrestlemania 14 Mike Tyson left the WWE. In 2010 he made his return as a guest general manager. He teamed with Chris Jericho against Degeneration X, he rejoined DX & knocked out Chris Jericho. Allowing Shawn Michaels to get the pin fall. In 2012 Mike Tyson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame & was inducted by Triple H who was a huge fan of his boxing career. Mike Tyson will be remembered in this business as one of the matches that lit the fuse for the attitude era.

Top Ten Attitude Era Players in WWE 13 - # 9 - The Nation of Domination

Over the next 10 days as we countdown to the release of WWE 13 on Xbox 360 , Playstation 3 & Nintendo Wii, launching this blog, I am going to list the Top 10 Attitude Era Players in #WWE13

Check out the other Top 10 Attitude Era Players in WWE 13

9.)The Nation of Domination
10.) The Brood

#9.) The Nation of Domination
Members in WWE 13: Mark Henry , Godfather, Farooq , The Rock

We are the Nation of Domination, is one of the most iconic entrance themes of the attitude era. The Nation of Domination was originally started in USWA, but was brought back to life in the WWF. The core group was D - Lo Brown , Clarence Mason,The Rock, Farooq & Kama (The Godfather). Later we saw such members as Owen Hart, Mark Henry & Ahmed Johnson join up with the group.

They were involved in wars with factions like DX , DOA , Los Boricuas & out of that faction we got The Rock who is one of the most prestigious WWE Superstars in history. Along with world champion Mark Henry, multi time tag champion Farooq, the Nation of Domination definitely left their mark in the attitude era gang wars.

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